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Mischfabrik is a film production and creative agency aiming to explore the limits of sports and brand content. From commercials over special interest edits to full length expedition documentaries, we got you covered. As adventurers, we forge creative and innovative concepts with our out-of-the-box mentality.

Nikolas Plytas with Prada Wakeboard
Red Bull Greece // Water on the Moon
Flare beim Souren
Flare // Brandvideo
Foiling Wakeboard in South Africa
GIRL & BEAR // Whiteclaw
Jason Paul Flughafen München
Red Bull // Last Call for Mr Paul
Red Bull // Art of Motion
Red Bull // Onekotan
BERGZEIT // Filmfestival
Filmproduktion für Cube Hybrid auf der Großglocknerstraße
Cube // Agree Hybrid

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Mischfabrik Film Production: Pioneering Sports Films in Salzburg

Mischfabrik GmbH

We at Mischfabrik have always chosen the road less traveled. Our goal and our passion as a film production isn’t just about capturing moments, but always giving everything to create something new and exciting that can leave a mark.
Our motivation behind all of this? To walk the extra mile, push boundaries and explore new ways, both in our work and our lifestyle. Living in the mountains near Salzburg definitely gives us the playground in our backyard to embrace this lifestyle and live it out to fullest.
Having our commitment can mean waking up hours before sunrise every single day on a shoot but also doing last minute meetings in the gondola when we’re actually on the way to chase fresh powder on our own. It’s this love for the sports, the spontaneity and our spirit that sets us apart.
Celebrating a decade as a film production in the industry, our passion still remains undiminished. Each day brings new opportunities, new challenges and a new commitment to give our best. We may have 10 years behind us, but we’re far from done. For us the fun has only started!
So on we go, eyes set on the next groundbreaking project, and we invite you to join us on our journey!

See you out there,

The Mischfabrik Team

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