Red Bull

Concept and Idea

Mischfabrik & idea by Jason Paul


Simon Thussbas (Mischfabrik)


Benjamin Makatowski
Magnus Augustin

Year of production


In his hometown of Frankfurt, freerunner Jason Paul experiences a pitch-black day. But no problem, he turns back time and undoes what has happened with breathtaking moves.
There are days when one mishap follows another and misunderstandings pile up. One wishes one could turn back the clock. That’s exactly what freerunner Jason Paul shows in his latest video project “Running Reverse” in downtown Frankfurt: in high-rise canyons, on the Iron Footbridge and, last but not least, on a spectacular crane ride at a height of 40 meters. For the first time he shows his freerunning skills reverse and runs against the normal course of things. The illusion becomes perfect as the scenes are played backwards. In the clip, it appears as if Jason’s surroundings are moving backwards and he is moving forward in his usual flowing freerunning style. Jason Paul is the “Master of Time.”

What makes ‘Running Reverse’ different from any other video project I’ve done so far is that I perform the freerunning action backwards, against the normal course of things.

Jason Paul

As smoothly and effortlessly as Jason Paul runs backwards through Frankfurt in the video, jumps onto boats and climbs meter-high scaffolding, the filming was as elaborate as it was. But that’s exactly the kind of moment Jason Paul lives for. For the perfect result, he and the we as a film crew, invested up to 18 hours a day.

Making of / VLOG1 Jason Paul

Making of / VLOG2 Jason Paul