Concept & Idea



Simon Thussbas (Mischfabrik) & AirV8 (Drone)


Benjamin Makatowski (Mischfabrik)

Year of production


Leki foldable chair – find your seat

No matter if on a motorcycle tour, during hiking, biking or just leisurely/comfortably at the bonfire: the foldable chair by LEKI is your optimal companion. We showed the versatility of “the small one” in a Imagefilm.



Our model and buddy Seppi Rottmoser literally drove the compact LEKI chair to the top. As you can see in the video, he picked the smallest possible spot for his camping chair. Secured with professional climbing equipment, the poor fellow had to wait patiently on his seat on the rocktip for more than an hour. Only then was the light truly perfect enough for the spectacular aerial footage.

Meanwhile the production team at the bottom had to fight with their very own problems. A little moisture on the lens of the drone almost voided all troubles. With a last minute “cleaning-operation” on the hovering drone, the problem was solved and the footage could be recorded.


Seppi didn’t get a whiff of all those troubles. But why should anyone sitting in that chair with such a view, be concerned with those earthly problems…