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SINCE 2013We create image films for airports

We are specialized in filming for airports. We have been accompanying Salzburg Airport for years with image films in the B2C & B2B marketing area. We accompanied the airport for over six months during the runway rehabilitation. For this project, we created a wide variety of formats ranging from a 10-minute documentary to many short social media outputs.
In addition, we were able to implement a very special project at Munich Airport with Red Bull and Lufthansa “Last Call for Mr Paul”. We ourselves have a team of pilots for aerial and flight photography. With our camera system on an Ultralight (Delta Mike) we are able to fly in control zones in agreement with the tower. To see on our page Cineplane.

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Filmproduktion des Imagefilms für Salzburg Flughafen
Salzburg Airport // Image film
Eine Filmproduktion am Flughafen München für Red Bull mit Jason Paul
Red Bull & Airport Munich // Last Call for Mr Paul
Pistensanierung des Salzburger Flughafen
Salzburg Airport // Documentation

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The film production

Mixing factory Ltd

Actually, this is the part where we tell you how great we are as a film production.
How flexible, creative, perfectionist, resilient and persistent we are. How much we go with the spirit of the times and keep reinventing ourselves. But first and foremost, of course, how brilliantly we work behind the camera and in the editing…

And yes, we love our job in film production. Nevertheless, we would rather tell you something personal about us here, because that is what influences our work the most:

Our biggest goal – professionally and personally – is to be able to live a life full of adventure. To travel around the world. Discovering new people, cultures and landscapes. Satisfy our curiosity and thirst for knowledge. To experience things that perhaps not so many people have experienced in this form….
And it is exactly this fire that burns within us that we want to transport in our videos! Inspire the audience. Implementing new ideas and concepts as a creative agency. Try daring camera techniques. Flying daredevil drone maneuvers, pushing both us and our equipment to the performance limit. We always try as a creative agency, as well as a film production to go away from the standard image film and to create something very special. With our ideal location in the Alps (near Salzburg) we love to film outside. The steeper, more rugged and dangerous the better.

Maybe we sometimes have to admit to ourselves that something doesn’t work the way we thought it would after all. But never, really never, do we want to accuse ourselves of not giving our all!

Your Mischfabrik GmbH

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We constantly search for new inspiration and try to thrill our clients with innovative concepts.


Thanks to our expertise, we are able to carry out all necessary services in-house.


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Recording studio & sounddesign

For speech recordings and audio dubbing we have our own little recording studio.

Social Media Marketing

More and more confusing but nonetheless indispensable. We support our clients by really pushing the reach of their content.


A correct analysis helps with reacting to the clients target group.

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