Release of the bearded vulture in the Bavarian Alps // He belongs to the Alps - the LBV brings the giant of the air back to Germany

With a wingspan of almost three meters, the bearded bearded vulture is one of the largest flying birds in the world and is a truly impressive sight, especially in flight. Long feared by humans as the “lammergeier,” the bearded vulture was said to carry off and kill livestock, game, and even small children. The associated persecution led to the fact that the bearded vulture at the beginning of the 20th century. was eradicated throughout the Alpine region and thus also in Germany.

The return of the bearded vulture is Germany’s nature conservation highlight in 2021. In this short film we take you from the arrival of Wally and Bavaria in the Nuremberg Zoo, to the day of the release in the Berchtesgaden National Park, to the successful outing in the Berchtesgaden Alps.

We were allowed to accompany the LBV exclusively due to our alpine experience.

It was very exciting to upload the footage while still in the steep terrain to make it available to the broadcasters.